Sample .xls and xlsx download

The .xls format is intrinsic to Microsoft Excel, denoting a file extension for spreadsheet files. These .xls files can be edited using Microsoft Excel Viewer and OpenOffice.

The acronym .xls represents eXceL Spreadsheet, showcasing its functionalities like calculations, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language.




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file_example_XLS_10.xls .xls 8.50 KB
file_example_XLS_50.xls .xls 13.50 KB
file_example_XLS_100.xls .xls 20.00 KB
file_example_XLSX_10.xlsx .xlsx 5.30 KB
file_example_XLSX_50.xlsx .xlsx 7.19 KB
file_example_XLSX_100.xlsx .xlsx 9.08 KB