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The Graphics Interchange Format, commonly referred to as GIF, stands as one of the two prevailing file formats for graphic images in the expansive realm of the World Wide Web. However, the GIF format's utilization of the LZW compression method introduces significant technical and legal intricacies. This compression algorithm is owned by Unisys and is integral to the GIF file compression process.

Companies seeking to develop products that make use of the LZW compression algorithm must obtain a licensing agreement from Unisys to ensure lawful usage, which includes its application in the GIF format. This requirement underscores the exclusive nature of the compression method and underscores the importance of respecting intellectual property rights and licensing agreements when incorporating GIF support into other software applications or online distribution channels.

Despite the necessity for licensing, GIF files have maintained their enduring appeal due to their support for animations, transparency, and extensive compatibility with web browsers.

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